Aquatech to offer advanced wastewater treatment to drillers

Posted September 15, 2010


CANONSBURG - Aquatech International said Tuesday it has signed a cooperation agreement with Spanish chemical manufacturer FMC Foret to market Foret's OHP technology - an advanced wastewater treatment technology - to the oil and gas industry.

Canonsburg-based Aquatech said the technology, based on advanced oxidation, can be used for spent caustic treatment in a safe and efficient way to reduce contaminants in effluents through chemical oxidation with the use of special grade hydrogen peroxide and a catalyst.

According to a news release from Aquatech, the technology also allows for construction of a plant that can be safely operated in a continuous and automatic way to treat wastewater. It said OHP can be used where other similar technologies are not working properly, and that Foret has been successful with the technology in various chemical processing and petrochemical plants in Europe and Asia.

Aquatech said its agreement is exclusive for the Arabian Peninsula and also gives it the opportunity to market this technology in its other key markets worldwide.

The basis of the process is the creation of hydroxyl radicals from hydrogen peroxide. Hydroxyl radicals are capable of oxidizing a wide range of chemical compounds.

FMC Foret has a U.S. patent and has applied for a worldwide patent for the technology.

Vikrant Sarin, manager of Aquatech's technology and business development unit, said the OHP technology is safe and can be used to solve problems that other technologies could not.

"Nearly every refinery and petrochemical plant in the Middle East has issues with existing spent caustic treatment systems, and I look forward to utilizing this technology to help solve our customer's problems," he said.

Aquatech is a global leader in water purification technology for the industrial and infrastructure markets with a focus on desalination, water reuse and zero liquid discharge.

FMC Corp., headquartered in Philadelphia, is a diversified chemical company serving agricultural, industrial and consumer markets globally for more than a century. Its Foret subsidiary is one of the main producers of chemical products in Spain.

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