Events energize German group

Posted August 4, 2013

A contingent of 10 German academicians and media members apparently were impressed by what they experienced in Washington and Greene counties six weeks ago.

On June 27, they participated in a roundtable discussion with representatives of the area’s energy industry at the Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe, then later that afternoon toured a Vantage Energy Appalachia II LLC well site in Greene. Pittsburgh Regional Authority organized the double-event.

Apparently, it was a double-treat for the German group, who seemed to be intrigued by fracking and all things Marcellus Shale.

Dr. Tobias Blasius said: “I was very impressed with the way in which the different perspectives on fracking were discussed in Pennsylvania and particularly with the safety standards that are being developed on a voluntary basis. The economic opportunities provided by the shale gas industry in the region around Pittsburgh get much too little attention in Germany.”

Dr. Boris Berger: “I found it particularly interesting to learn about the various industries and business that develop and thrive around the fracking industry, some of them based on very innovative ideas and concepts.”

Karsten Jung: “I was left with the impression that the discussion in the United States seems somewhat more advanced than it is here in Germany and that some of the arguments we heard in Pittsburgh have not yet been introduced in the German debate. We hope that our research project may contribute to changing that.”

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